Cool Betting Method See New88 Cards Effectively

Game lobbyCool, see New88 article Nowadays, it is loved by many online bettors. Because bookmaker has provided bettors with top-notch product service and always good customer policies. Join us to explore the details of cool games at New88 playground Please.

General overview of the cool game see article New88

Before researching cool betting methods, players need to master this type of online gambling for money. When starting the game, the dealer will divide equally between the main pillars, there will be 1 dealer and 3 players. Each pillar will be divided into small groups of 3 cards.

When adding up the total points of the cards, any player whose score is a multiple of 10 will be placed in the group of 2 cards. The player calculates his score based on the number of the remaining unit position. If you have a total score that is a multiple of 11, you will get 1 cool.

On the main interface of the game, bettors will see 3 betting positions corresponding to each bet. Players will choose the bet window and bet amount according to their wishes. If you want to cancel your bet or choose a different bet level, click on the multiplication icon on the screen.

In the result announcement section there will be 2 sides, 1 side will be the score result and the number of wins or losses of the house. The other side will display the member’s win or loss results and have color symbols (green or red).

The cool way to play New88 cards you need to master

To master cool playing operations and bring great rewards to yourself, players should follow the information below from New88:

Start your cool betting game by watching New88 cards

Before each bet, the main interface of the game will appear with a crossword to start betting. The system will give the player 20 seconds to think and click on the bet box of their choice.

When playing New88 card game, you will be dealt cards by the Dealer. And randomly select 1 card in the tray to determine which hand will receive the first card, to ensure the most transparency. Rules for dealing cards will be implemented according to the following rules:

  • In case the Dealer draws card A, 8, 7, the dealer will receive the right to receive the first card.
  • If the Dealer draws cards 10, 3, 9, the 2nd hand will be dealt first by the Dealer.
  • With cards 4, 2, J, the number 3 will have the advantage of being dealt first.
  • If the Dealer draws cards 6, Q, 5, hand number 4 will receive cards before the remaining hands.

After determining which hand will receive the cards first, the beautiful Dealer will deal the cards clockwise to the remaining hands until all the cards are gone.

End the cool betting game and watch New88 cards

When the time of the card game is almost over, players need to be highly concentrated at this time. Because there will be a betting time at the table, when this time expires the system will automatically notify you. Immediately after that, the Dealer will deal each group 5 cards according to the above regulations.

When all cards have received all cards, the main interface of the game will display the score of each group and determine the win or loss. After that, if you win or lose your New88 bet, the system will automatically add or subtract from your account.

Discover how to calculate points when participating in the New88 card game

Currently, there are quite a few bettors who, when researching online betting methods at New88, still have not mastered how to calculate points. Therefore, we will share with you the correct way to calculate coolness points below:
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  • A card with an A (Ace) in the card game is counted as 1 point.
  • Cards with numbers from 2 to 10 in the card game will have the same number of points as the number printed on the face of the card.
  • Cards will be counted as 10 points including: J, Q, K.

How are the points of the cards in the cool card reading game New88 calculated?

The scoring method in this game is also an issue that bettors need to pay attention to and master. We have researched and summarized in detail how to get cool points in the information below:

  • In case all 5 cards dealt are all kings, that card is judged to be a 5 of a kind.
  • Groups of 3 cards and 2 cards in the 5 cards dealt that have a total multiple of 10 are determined to be lucky.
  • If a group of 3 cards has a total score multiple of 10 and a group of 2 cards has a total score of 7 – 9, the combination will be determined as 7, 8, 9.
  • In case a group of 3 cards has a total score multiple of 10 and a group of 2 cards has a total score of about 2 to 6, the pot value will also be 2 – 6.

Some tips for playing cool New88 cards from experts

Once you have a clear understanding of how to play the game, bettors should combine the following tips to increase their odds of winning:

Once you have received the cards, proceed to arrange them in the most reasonable way in order from high to low. After that, the new player begins to choose the bet and bet level. In case you are not sure your cards will win, you should only use a small part of your existing betting capital.

Always equip yourself with a calm mentality to participate in the cool game of watching New88 cards. At the same time, determine when to stop, avoid greedy betting, it will damage your wallet a lot.

Do not place bets based on the crowd effect, because sudden situations will often happen in the crowd. It will make players feel confused, unable to determine the exact hand to make the right bet.

Why do many players choose to bet on New88 cards?

Currently, there are many bookmakers offering cool card reading games, but the New88 game portal still receives a large number of new players every day. Let’s find out what outstanding advantages New88 bookmaker has:

Modern design interface, suitable for current youth trends, has helped New88 successfully create its current No. 1 brand and position. With the investment in sharp 3D images and realistic sound, it makes players feel like they are experiencing real-life betting at real casinos.

The dedicated customer care team of the cool card reading lobby New88 is always ready to support and answer all players’ questions. Bookmaker New88 always puts customer experience first. Therefore, New88 has accurately improved player support along with attractive promotional programs that New88 also regularly organizes for customers.

Advanced security system combined with super top 2-factor encryption techniques. Helps players feel completely secure when betting at New88, never having to worry about personal information and transaction data being leaked.


Playing methodCool, see New88 article We have provided details in this article. Players can research and apply correctly to participate in betting and win big.

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