Instructions for spinning jackpot slot to win prizes at New88 Bookmaker 2024

Before instructing HOW TO WIN THE BOOKER’S REWARD GAME, players should learn more about the Nhà cái new88 playground. Casino As well as understand what the EXPLOSION HUR core is and how it works to make it easier to win money.

Spin the slot and explode the jackpot – what is the prize exchange game?

Previously, in traditional casinos and casinos, slot machines (English: Slot machines, Pokies, Slots) were used, also known as fruit machines (because of the combination of fruit shapes when spinning) or called fruit machines. poker machine (Australian English). Today, following the process of development and improvement, game developers have reimagined the previous slot game into many simple games, beautiful interfaces and large bonus values ​​based on the number of players. and the value that players have spent.

Slot games – jackpot explosion

CQ9 Jackpot Explosion Hall – bookmaker partner

CQ9 is one of the leading video slot providers in the Asian market with over 100 game titles and is gradually asserting its position in Europe. Although they are new to the iGaming market, they have already made a name for themselves.

CQ9 holds licenses from the gambling jurisdictions of Brazil and Curacao, CQ9 Gaming has also received certification from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), an independent and reputable software testing agency. trusted, and is also the official supervisor of more than 400 betting websites worldwide. This GLI certification demonstrates that fairness and safety are at the heart of CQ9 Gamings’ purposes.

Pragmatic Play jackpot hall (PP Xin) – partner of New88 bookmaker

PP XIN is a leading game developer delivering player-loved games to global brands in the iGaming industry certified and licensed in over 20 jurisdictions.

PP Please offers Slots, Live Casino, Bingo, Virtual Sports, Sports Betting and more, all through a single API available in all markets, languages ​​and multiple units currency.

HABANERO jackpot lobby (HB) – partner of New88 bookmaker

HB is a young but highly successful gaming content provider, based in Kiev, Manila, Sofia and Johannesburg. HB achieved great achievements in 2012 when it entered Asian markets. After achieving huge success there – Habanero became one of the TOP 4 best suppliers for the Asian market expanding to Western Europe.

Currently HB has 8126 slot machines, 10 table games and 13 video poker games and updates new products every month for more than 100 casinos in the world BitStarz, Bob, King Billy, Vbet, Fantasino, Golden Star, … and many other online betting operators including New88.

Asia Gaming Jackpot Lobby (AG XIN) – New88 bookmaker partner

Asia Gaming is a live casino provider and the most innovative gaming software developer in Asia. There is no need to say too much about AG because if you are a fan of live casino, everyone somewhere has played at least one of their products.

Currently, AG is constantly expanding and developing casino products besides popular prize-winning games such as KINGofGLORY, ALIBABA, Mr. PLEASE, MYSTIC GEMS, THE DRAGON PEARL GOLD, LEGEND OF THE DRAGON, GOLD CLASS, MAH JONG SLOT.

Instructions for playing New88 slot game and exploding prizes

Step 1: SIGN IN to your New88 account. If you do not have an account, refer to the REGISTRATION instructions

Step 2: Then, select DEPOSIT to trade.

Step 3: Select TRANSFER FUNDS, choose to transfer from MAIN WALLET (or existing game hall with balance) >> transfer to one of your favorite slot halls CQ9, PP, HB, AG. The fund transfer amount is a multiple of 1000 VND. For example, 1000 VND, 2000 VND, 3000 VND, 4000 VND,…

Step 4: Go to the lobby where funds have been transferred to play. All SLOT New88 games have a free trial mode so players can experience the game’s features first.

Step 5: Customize the bet amount for each spin. Press SPIN 1 time to start playing. Press RECORD a second time to stop recording.

Step 5: Each game in each lobby has different routes, and the rules for exchanging money into coins/points in the redemption game are also different. Players please refer to the details in the GAME RULES information section of each game.
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Winning formula for spinning slots and exploding bookies

Some terms in SLOT you must know before playing

  1. Coin: coins/points exchanged for money. Depending on each game, there is a different conversion system
  2. Spin: Spin. Press 1 time to start recording. Press a second time to stop recording
  3. Autospin: click once to start spinning automatically until you want to stop. Press a second time to stop automatic recording
  4. Bet max: bet the maximum amount allowed/per time
  5. Scatter: depending on each game, there will be different features: set of bonus numbers on the reels, replacing other symbols
  6. Wild: symbol that has the ability to substitute for all other symbols on the reels, completing the lines
  7. Free Spin: free spins
  8. Pick’em: the game gives additional guesses corresponding to the reward or corresponding set of points until the guesses run out
  9. Line: line, line. Each game will have different ways to win money.
  10. Jackpot: this is a cumulative prize that you can bring in many chances to win. The bonus amounts add up to give you the potential to receive huge rewards.
  11. Payline: A line of symbol combinations included in the reward table, which can sometimes win the top prize
  12. Pay table: Information table of payments in SLOT. The table shows for each combination of symbols and coins bet how many coins (or credits) the bettor will win.

Experience of winning at bookmaker New88 in the prize exchange game

  1. Time to play: in the evening, most slot games will undergo maintenance and settlement; From after midnight or around 2 a.m. there will be less traffic thus increasing your betting chances and winning rate.
  2. Frequency: play every day, don’t spend all your money at once at the end of the day or weekend.
  3. Bet amount: Slots are a game of statistical probability, the more times you play, the higher your chance of winning. Putting a lot of money into a reel while only having little capital will cause you to lose quickly. The experience of winning at New88 is to play the lowest amount of money, then it will be your turn to win the house.
  4. Choose a game that suits your goals: choose games that introduce a pick’em bonus feature (correct prediction bonus) which often has a higher winning frequency with many small wins but less chance of winning big. If you want to win big, choose a game with 3 reels. It also means you will lose quickly if your capital is limited.
  5. Don’t be too greedy: When your luck EXPLODES, calmly stop playing and return to the game in the next few hours. Wait for other players’ accumulated Jackpot bonuses to fall into your pocket.

New88 slot machine promotion

Don’t forget to take advantage of the free new member bonus and deposit promotion to play SLOT REWARDS GAME at bookmaker New88 to increase your chances of being lucky enough to win big! Below are some programs that many players are participating in at New88:


Above is an overview of the New88 bookmaker reward game. Players who are patient and wise enough will be able to turn SLOT into a tool to get rich. From the basic instructions and experiences of players playing slots and popping jackpots above, find for yourself your own slot shooting games and your own secret to winning against the house.

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