Iron spur cockfighting – Summary of useful sharing at bookmaker New88

Cockfighting with iron spurs is a type of entertainment originating from Vietnamese folk culture. It has been attracting a large number of players to love and participate. This game is not simply about betting, but also carries with it the thrill of betting and the skill of the player. Let’s find out with New88!
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Basic information about spur cockfighting you need to know

In spur fights, the fighting cocks are equipped with sharp iron spurs on their legs. This not only creates more powerful kicks, but also increases the damage of each kick, while increasing the drama of the match. The fighting cocks are specially selected and trained so that they can show their strength and power in each fight.

New88 cockfighting is not just a fight, but also an emotional and engaging experience. Here, you will witness tough, dramatic confrontations between carefully selected spur-of-the-moment chickens. Each kick left behind the lethality and determination of the fighters.

Cockfighting with iron spurs New88 is not just a game, but also an art of fighting full of sophistication, strength and discipline. Join this world to enjoy exciting matches and to be a part of the journey with powerful and ever-innovating chickens.

The most popular fighting cock breeds at New88 cockfighting

When entering the world of cockfighting, choosing the right chicken breed is an important factor to ensure every fight is dramatic and exciting. Let’s learn about excellent chicken breeds that are loved by many chickens!

Chicken strains

The Chicken is one of the most popular and loved fighting chicken breeds in the world cockfighting with iron spurs. It is characterized by its compact body, high fighting spirit, and ferocity. Chicken Noi is often the first choice for spur cockfighting.

American fighting cock

The American fighting cock is one of the favorite fighting chicken breeds in the Thomo cockfighting arena, thanks to its extremely impressive strength and strike speed. In particular, American fighting cocks often do not defend but always attack strongly. Battles with this breed of chicken often take place quickly and fiercely, and victory belongs to the one who seizes the opportunity better.

Asil chicken

Asil chickens originate from India and stand out with their red body and white eyes. This breed of chicken is sensitive and delicate, always ready to compete under any situation. The fight with Asil chicken is often considered attractive and dramatic.

Rules of cockfighting with iron spurs

Here are some basic rules you need to understand:

  • Choosing an opponent: Before competing, you need to find an opponent of similar weight for your chicken. Choosing opponents who are too different in weight can affect the chicken’s health and the outcome of the match.
  • Choose iron spurs: When choosing iron spurs, make sure that the iron spurs are sharp and have good damage. The technique of tying spurs is also very important, do not tie too tight or too loose.
  • Losing rules: During the match, if any chicken dies or runs out of the ring, it is considered that that chicken has lost. If a chicken stands in one place for 10-15 minutes without participating in the fight, that chicken is also considered a loser. Each match usually lasts 15-20 minutes and has a 5-minute break in between.

Summary of tips for playing unbeaten cockfighting from experts

When participating in this type of cockfighting, choosing a bet can determine your results and profits. Below are the secrets and details you should consider to choose the easiest cockfighting bet:
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Statistics and analysis

Before placing a bet, carefully research the history and achievements of the cocks participating in the match. This includes reviewing previous fights, results and the performance of each cock. Evaluate your ability to win based on factors such as your cock’s physical strength, cockfighting technique, experience and good form.

Choose the right chicken

Each cock has its own unique fighting style. There are chickens that like to kick up high, chickens that fight flexibly and chickens that kick hard. Depending on your playing style and tactics, choose a cock with a suitable fighting style to take advantage of their strengths and overcome your opponent’s weaknesses.

Advice from experts

Don’t hesitate to follow information and advice from cockfighting experts. People with experience in this field will provide detailed advice and analysis on the best bets. They have the ability to assess your chances of winning and give you useful suggestions to help you choose the easiest bet to win.

With the information just shared, New88 hopes to help you better understand basic information about cockfighting with iron spurs. New88 cockfighting playground always welcomes you to experience this type of betting.

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