Handball betting | Top 5 handball betting tips

Bookmaker Liên Minh OKVIP has recently developed a form of handball betting into the sports game lobby.

They are a simple type of betting but have huge rewards that make many bettors feel excited and choose to plow every day.

If you’re curious about how to play to get started, this is the information you need to grasp.

What is handball betting?

Handball is quite famous in the sports world, being a competitive sport. Each match will usually have two matches in two main halves and each team’s task is to put the ball into the opponent’s net.

In fact, handball is quite similar to soccer, but one side uses their feet to pass the ball and the other side uses their hands to throw the ball.

Handball betting is similar to soccer betting in many factors. Although it has only recently appeared on the house betting table, this form has attracted a large number of bettors.

At high-class bookmakers like Okvip, you will see daily matches that are regularly updated.

Even though it is online, you can watch the matches extremely clearly. Updated continuously every day in the sports lobby, you can both follow and predict the score to win prizes in your pocket.

Handball betting is essentially predicting the score, predicting the winning or losing team, etc. using popular bets. The bookies also apply the rules: If you predict correctly, you will receive rewards and withdraw quickly.

For those who love novelty, this game is an extremely attractive suggestion for a change of pace.

Instructions on how to play handball betting

In fact, handball betting is very easy to play, you can spend a little time learning and then can participate easily.

(1) Game rules

Below are the game rules applied by the bookmakers:

  • The handball betting portal will be open until a few minutes after the match starts.
  • Depending on the size of the match, the bookmaker’s betting portal will close in advance.
  • Betting results are based on match time of 60 minutes but do not take into account extra time or penalty shootouts. In addition, handball also calculates overtime.
  • Those bettors who predict the odds correctly will be rewarded immediately by the house.
  • If the match was previously scheduled but was later canceled or took place at a time difference; The bets you placed will be canceled and your bets will be refunded.
  • In case the match is postponed, if the match continues within 12 hours, that bet will still be accepted. However, if the 12-hour time limit has not yet occurred, the bet will be canceled and the bet will be refunded to the bettor.

(2) Bets

Gamehandball betting This also has quite a few bets and you can choose one of the following suggestions:

  • Handicap betting is a popular bet where the house will consider the strength of the teams to give the standard handicap rate. Players predict which team will likely win based on this handicap. The most effective way is to learn details about the team’s form and ability and then choose the right bet.
  • Betting on the championship team is a bet that has appeared since the beginning of the seasons. The job of each bettor is to choose which team will win this year’s handball championship. However, this bet will take a while because you need to watch the whole season to know the results.
  • Over/Under betting is a pretty good bet that many bettors are choosing when playing handball betting. The bookmaker will set up a score that predicts the total number of goals scored by the two competing teams. If you predict the real goal score is greater than the provided Okvip rate, you choose Over, and if your prediction is lower, choose Under.

(3) How to calculate handball betting money

The way to calculate money in handball betting is the same as in soccer, usually the house will set it to automatic mode.
See : Thể Thao OKVIP

However, understanding this formula will give us the initiative in the game and have the best financial plan.

  • Win the bet => Money received = winning odds x bet amount.
  • Loss = amount of capital bet on losing bet.

Instructions for betting on handball at Okvip

Handball is not popular in our country, so not all bookmakers offer bets. However, coming to Okvip, you can rest assured that you will have access to the best bets and the number 1 service. To be able to experience that, the next thing is:

  • Step 1: Log inbookmaker Okvip Government.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into account at Okvip. =>INSTRUCTIONS FOR DEPOSIT AT Okvip BOOKER
  • Step 3; SelectSports/Sport => Select supplier => Find the handball category.
  • Step 4: Confirm the first match you want to bet => Click on the bet and enter the amount you want to bet.
  • Step 5: After receiving notice of successful deposit from the house, just wait for the results.

Too easy, right? Make sure you only need to read and practice once and you won’t encounter any problems.

5 Ways to bet on handball without losing

Although handball betting is not complicated, it still requires bettors to be quick and meticulous in calculation.

Experts who have played for many years often win big and lose a little because they have extremely effective playing strategies. You can also achieve that if you apply the following knowledge:

(1) Learn the game rules

Playing handball betting without understanding the rules of this sport, how can you win? Therefore, before playing, you should learn carefully about handball, learn the rules of the game as well as the odds at Okvip.

(2) Understand betting rules

Each betting playground will usually have specific betting rules, and general rules are specified by the bookmaker. You must understand all the rules to play better and not waste your money.

(3) Understand the information of the two teams clearly

Knowing the actual situation of the two teams will help you bet more accurately. It’s best for bettors to find out some information such as match schedule, last season’s performance, current strength, starting lineup, etc.

In general, you need to learn everything about the two upcoming teams you want to bet on and the standard information will help you choose the right bet.

(4) Play handball with a relaxed mind

If you play with a heavy mentality, you may choose the wrong bet and then lose all your money. Therefore, prepare yourself mentally well, have a comfortable spirit and be ready to predict accurate results.

When you feel uncomfortable and not confident enough to predict, you should not bet on handball that day.

(5) Play knowing when to stop

Managing betting capital is the first thing you need to do when entering this game hall. Then you need to divide the bet accordingly, set a goal of how much to win and how much to lose before stopping.

If you reach the initial prescribed level, stop immediately. Avoid situations where the more you win, the more you bet, or even going all-in, you will most likely lose immediately afterwards.

Winning a lot is often subjective and leads to mistakes. On the contrary, if you lose continuously, you should not go all-in and need to stop and rest.

Stabilizing your emotions and then finding new strategies to increase your chances of winning is the wise way to do it.

QA on handball betting

Being a new game, it’s natural to have many questions. If you also have the following concerns, please clear these worries away.

(1) Is it difficult to bet on handball?

In essence, playing handball betting is not difficult, you can play right away after a short time of learning. However, if you want to play well and win continuously, you definitely need to learn secrets from experts.

(2) Which game hall can you play handball at?

At Okvip, you just need to click on the sports section then select CMD368 lobby. The system leads to the interface of popular sports games and you can see information about the handball game right below.

(3) Are there many odds for handball betting at Okvip?

Bookmaker Okvip offers up to 3 types of delicious bets on handball games. Each bet has its own advantages, so you can freely choose as you like.

(4) Is there a fee to register as a member at Okvip?

Bookmaker Okvip does not charge players an account creation fee. You can create one for free with just a few steps. Once you have an account, you can click on all the house’s game halls, but to play handball betting, you need to have betting capital in your game account.

(5) When are betting bonuses added?

Play the handball betting game at Okvip and you win the bet, you will receive the bonus within a few seconds.

If you predict correctly according to the selected bet, the money will immediately go into your game wallet and you can easily redeem the prize.

It can be said that playing handball betting is not difficult at all if you take the time to learn information regularly and apply the above knowledge. Especially if you receive incentives from bookmaker Okvip, there are even more advantages.

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