How to play ginseng 100% accurately from experts

With the diversity in game genres today, Sam Loc Che is a prominent face. The game has won a lot of sympathy, whether professional or amateur players. However, making a lot of money from this type of game is not simple. Therefore, many brothers have tried to cheat and use tricks to get money. The article is below Neu88 will analyze and guide you How to play ginseng trick. Along with that is sharing experiences in playing card games to help you always win.

What is a scam?

Cheating is a familiar term that everyone in the gambling world knows. Used to refer to tricks for playing card games or getting good cards and winning. These tricks are often used by professional players to win money from their opponents.

How to play ginseng trick Can appear in many places but is most common in underground casinos. Not only does it appear in traditional playgrounds, but it is also popular online. All in all, the trick of playing gin cyclone has brought in a significant amount of money to many people.

How to play ginseng tricks from the experts

So how to play Sam Loc cheat to win. Here are some How to play ginseng trick from gambling experts often apply.

How to shake the Sam cyclone card trick

If you want to play card tricks effectively, you need to firmly understand how to deal the cards. This is an important issue because it will help players bring huge profits. First you need to recognize where that card is:

  • The first way to recognize them is to stack and shuffle them near the bottom of the deck. Then let them lie down and copy the card with their pinky finger.
  • The next way to identify is to straighten those cards. As for the remaining cards, use your hands to bend them slightly.
  • The third way to recognize is that you have to use your brain to remember and shake accurately.
  • Finally, when picking up cards, you should pick up bad and good cards separately. When shuffling cards, they should be staggered.

The way she played cards, cheating in dealing cards

She is one of many How to play ginseng trick that professional players often use to cheat. To be successful, you need to know how to shuffle and deal cards so that the cards are beautiful like straight, four of a kind,…

The skills of shuffling and dealing cards are extremely important that every player should learn. The laying and shaking of cards will be different depending on each case and the total number of players.

How to play ginseng according to association

How to play ginseng trick Can be done in both traditional and online playgrounds. Linking people who specialize in gambling together to easily understand each other. This way of playing requires the team to have unity in the previous style of play.

To make it easier to imagine, if the table has 4 people, 3 of them will be in the same group. All three linked together through the previously agreed upon trick to take all the remaining opponent’s money. Usually, to lure the prey, the team plays well and lets the opponent win the first few matches. Then the three of them worked together to defeat the trick and take all of their opponent’s money.

Use specialized tools to beat ginseng

Besides the tricks mentioned above, the trick of playing Sam Loc card also uses specialized equipment to cheat. To help professional players win more. The market also provides many tools to help you win faster. Below are some tools used by many players:

  • Contact lenses: The characteristic of contact lenses is that they are invisible, so they are difficult for the opponent to see. In fact, no one will find out you use contact lenses. You can see all of your opponent’s cards even when they are face down. From there, players can calculate and come up with reasonable card playing strategies and win.
  • Using wallets to exchange cards: These are tools to help cheat in Lieng cards, scratch cards, tree cards, sam cyclone cards,… Use How to play ginseng trick In this way, players can bring their cards into the casino to exchange for good cards.
  • Using card machines: Using card machines brings many benefits to players. When the cards have not yet been dealt, you already know the scores of the remaining opponents.

Some things to know about how to play ginseng bluff

To easily win when playing Sam Loc Trieu card game, players should follow the cheating methods mentioned above. You should also note some of the following issues:

  • React sensitively in all situations of the game
  • You should focus on playing in groups so your teammates can support each other
  • Calculate while dealing cards so that the opponent does not detect it
  • You should practice your card-shuffling skills well so you don’t get confused
  • Actively improve your skills to increase your chances of winning


The above article is about sharing How to play ginseng trickthat many professional players apply. Hopefully after reading the article, you can grasp and avoid the tricks. Along with that is to learn a lot of experience to apply for yourself.

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